About Us

The Springfield Pathfinders Snowmobile Club

The Springfield Pathfinders Snowmobile Club was formed in 1992. It’s main purpose at that time was to lobby local government and convince local authorities to allow snowmobilers access to the town of Oakbank, Manitoba. The town is located about 20 minutes east of Winnipeg. Through interaction between local snowmobilers, law enforcement officials and municipal government a local by-law was passed that:

  • allows snowmobiles access to local services
  • permits local snowmobilers to ride their machine from their homes to the nearest trail
  • provides a marked, groomed trail around and into the town of Oakbank.

The club then went on to promote membership, provide snowmobile related recreation activities, and conduct fundraising activities.

In 1994 several club members provided a loan to the club, and along with club funds, a grooming machine and drag were purchased. In 1995 the loan was paid back.
The club currently has 40 memberships, which includes two local businesses 38 families with a total of 68 members.

Club activities include regular organized snowmobile rides, fundraising activities, trail and groomer maintenance and community service.

The town trail has proven to be very successful. The local RCMP are pleased with the overall trail system in the town. Complaints about snowmobiles have been reduced. Several club members have indicated that they moved to the town of Oakbank because of the snowmobile access.


Objectives of the Springfield Pathfinders Snowmobile Club

Springfield Pathfinders Snowmobile Club members extensively reviewed its goals and objectives for the future. A major concern of our members was that our trails be linked with other trail systems in Eastern Manitoba. Due to the nature of snowmobiling now and in the future, linking trails is important to allow snowmobiles to travel to a variety of destinations of varying distances. In order to expand our trail system to link with other trail systems the club must upgrade it’s equipment. Expanding the trail system will require a broader volunteer base to draw from, and will require more funds to operate.

In 1999 the club developed a plan for the future. The major objectives that the Springfield Pathfinders Snowmobile Club have achieved since 1999 are:

  • Developed a Winnipeg to the Agassiz trail, hook up to the Springhill Club trail system at the Sportsmen Stop (Highways 59 and 44), hook up to Brokenhead Club trails near Beausejour, establish trails within the town of Anola.
  • Built a storage building for grooming equipment and trail signs.
  • Upgraded trail grooming equipment by purchasing a groomer that is sufficient to groom 100-150 miles of trails and which has a blade for clearing approaches.
  • We have continued to provide safe trails and organized rides, along with other social events for club members.
  • We have promoted the sport of snowmobiling and the club in order to increase awareness and safety and improve the image of the club and snowmobilers in general.